eBookHawker provides services for authors by taking responsibility for all aspects of ebook publication. We help authors publish their books to achieve commercial success and a global reputation. We provide the best ebook publishing services in Nigeria (best ebook publisher in Nigeria). The majority of experienced self-publishers agree that the best place to start publishing is online. This is why eBookHawker is offering services that will help new authors start on the right footing. We are providing this information to help guide our prospective self-publishers.


eBookHawker provides a platform for authors who want to self-publish their manuscripts without the involvement of an established publisher. This will save the initial cost of publishing, which normally discourages young publishers. Our services ensure that you are not entangled by the complexities of the publishing processes. We provide expertise while the author focuses his energy on writing new content.

If you an author seeking a platform that will showcase your works to the world, then eBookHawker is rightly meant for you. Once your manuscript is ready, the process of publishing your ebook will kickstart and we shall get it quickly done and distributed online. The first step in the ebook publishing process is getting your manuscript prepared for ebook conversion.

Automation of software and web app development has made it possible to self-publish without having technical knowledge of computer science and programming skills. But while it seems quite straightforward to put out an ebook these days, finding the right audience requires a lot more than simply uploading an ebook onto a website! Our services prevent you from going through the herculean tasks of publishing on your own – from editing to cover design to marketing to order fulfillment! Therefore, we work with authors to format and convert their manuscripts into ebooks for global online distribution to the targeted audience via the use of Artificial Intelligence-driven (AI-driven) ads.

Our services are categorized as per the needs of the prospective author. The services offered by eBookHawker include the following:

  1. Revision of submitted manuscripts;
  2. Editing manuscripts (work with authors to revise the manuscripts);
  3. Creating the final copy of the manuscript;
  4. Laying out and designing the book block;
  5. 2D, 3D and animated ebook covers;
  6. Creation and conversion of the ebook into the required format(s);
  7. Conversion of eBook into a natural-sounding audiobook via the use of AI-driven technology.
  8. Promotion of the ebook via the use of AI-driven Ads;
  9. Training the author on self-promotion of his ebook;
  10. Distribution of the ebook online;
  11. Marketing the ebook via the use of newsletters;
  12. Manage the royalties and commissions from the ebook;
  13. Pay the author’s commissions periodically.

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Find below some of our AI multimedia and media production services:

  1. Natural-sounding AI voiceover creation [AI text to speech technology];
  2. AI transcription [AI speech to text technology];
  3. AI multilingual translation of text and online videos;
  4. AI video creation [AI text to video technology];
  5. eBook to Videobook creation;
  6. Animated infographics and social insights reporting;
  7. AI image to text conversion [AI Optical Character Recognition];
  8. AI grammar, editing, proofreading and plagiarism checks;
  9. AI digital marketing [AI Ad Script generator];
  10. AI report generation;
  11. 2D, 3D and 3D-animated eCovers.