How To Become A Vendor

A vendor in this context is a person who uploads his digital products on to sell them to the public. Digital goods are considered to be virtual, non-physical and intangible objects. Digital goods include downloadable content such as ebooks, music, animation, audiobooks, software, graphics, digital art, photos and movies. Online services are also categorized as virtual services such as graphic designing, web designing, copywriting, translating, consulting, Training (online courses), coaching, web-based application (Software as a Service),  magazines, journals, etc. is a global marketplace for selling digital products. Authors and content creators of digital products sign up to create a vendor account to sell the products without hassle. Revenue from every sale is split between the vendor and the marketplace. Read more on the digital marketplace agreement.

To create a vendor account, go to the homepage. Once your account is approved, you pay a one-time fee account setup fee only. Afterward, you will send your digital products to us for vetting and uploading. Note that only products of a vendor that meet our standards and legal policies shall be accepted for uploading. Payment for the account setup is through our bank account. Find details below:


Account Number: 0170036202


Sort Code (Routing/ Transit Number): 058306617

BIC /Swift: GTBINGLA is constantly promoting the website using AI-driven Ad platforms for the targeted audience of digital products. This is called Indirect Advertisement. Vendors are encouraged to self-promote their products as well as using social media and other channels of ads. Note that can help authors with the promotion of their products – in situations where such authors lack the time or technical know to do it themselves.