Where to publish and sell ebooks online in Nigeria?

Nowadays, people read ebooks because it is easy to download and no need to go to a shop to buy them. And ebooks are easy to carry anywhere because you can store them on your mobile or any other device and read anytime. There are a lot of websites where you can publish and sell ebooks online in Nigeria.  You may consider the following site:

eBookHawker– provides services for authors by taking responsibility for all aspects of ebook publication. They give the best ebook publishing services in Nigeria (best ebook publisher in Nigeria). eBookHawker is a global marketplace for digital products. Buy and/or sell digital products in this global marketplace. You can earn up to 60% commissions by selling your digital products on eBookHawker Marketplace. This is a recommended place to publish and sell ebooks online in Nigeria.

publish ebooks online in Nigeria

Payhip– this is an e-commerce website that allows you to publish any downloadable materials. Once you place your ebook on this site you can promote by sharing links on social media. The site publishes and delivers your ebook.

Book baby– This is an expensive publishing service. This site lets you keep 100% of sales. Their experts will work on your ebooks with advanced tools to further develop your ebook and distribute it in different retails. 

Smash words– this site publishes your ebook to multiple distributors. They don’t charge a fee for publishing ebooks. You will get 80% of royalty on sales. It is based in Los Gatos, California. It is a platform for self-publishing e-books.

E-junkie– you can create a sales page for your ebook and use their tools. Charges on this site are fixed monthly.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish– you can easily publish your ebooks on Amazon, the biggest online store. You will get 70% of the total sale price.

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Lulu– is an online print-on-demand, self-publishing, and distribution platform. The site offers a complete guide on creating perfectly formatted ebooks and convert them into EPUB and PDF format. They give the flexibility to set your price.

Blurb– is an American self-publishing platform that allowing users to create, self-publish, promote, share, and sell their print and ebooks. You can create reflowable ebooks or fixed layout books and it will automatically format the book in your chosen format.

NOOK Pressis a self-publishing platform where independent publishers and authors can find everything they need to publish both print and digital books for customer purchase or print beautiful books for personal use.

Okada Books– Sign up free and become a published author. Showcase your books to over 200,000 readers instantly. you have to send an epub version of your ebooks or short story and a cover page and the books will be added to the library after upload. This is another place to publish and sell ebooks online in Nigeria.

Tradebit – this site allows you to create sells page. You can use its affiliate program, set custom prices, take advantage of social media integration. Start publishing your digital products and downloads within minutes. The hosting and display of your files are free. Pay commissions only on the products you sell.

Scribd– is an ebook and audiobook subscription service that hosts about 60 million documents on its open publishing platform. It is a paid reading service. You will get paid as you sell your books to readers.

Feiyr –is a digital music distribution service founded in 2005. This is a paid promotion service for ebooks and music.

Selz– offers highly customizable packages to publish and sell products. It is an eCommerce platform to start and grow your business online. Sell products and services online.

You could publish and sell ebooks online in Nigeria by using the above sites. Those are very popular eBook publishing sites. They have unique features and special services. You can choose any of these and publish your eBooks and sell them to people.

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