The Business of Stem Cells Therapy

The Business of Stem Cells Therapy

Advances in the medical sciences have been in development since the early existence of humanity. Since ancient times medical treatments have undergone massive advancement in the type of remedial options practiced for the cure of existing ailments in the human body. The result of advances in medical sciences has led to the discovery and the use of stem cells for the restoration of health.

Stem Cells

Stem Cells from Human Embryos

Stem cells are considered to be the fertilized human embryo that can develop into any other 220 types of cells in the human body. There is a particular adult stem cell that can generate a specific type of new cells, which are required for the treatment of persons suffering from degeneration diseases. While the latter type of stem cell (that is, cells from adults hardly raise any controversial issues), the former cells obtained from a fertilized human embryo is a topic for hot debate among people with different mindsets.

Humans have been bewildered with various types of diseases since the beginning of life itself. This predicament has been a cause of great suffering for many people who are unfortunately attacked by some incurable health hazards. The most common diseases being Alzheimer’s disorder, Parkinson’s disorder, cancers, etc. The use of stem cells in treating life-threatening conditions have since been proposed.

The advancement of Stem cell therapy looks very promising as a form of treatment for people suffering from incurable diseases. Results from medical and scientific researches have shown that fertilized embryos of human origin could be used for effective natural treatment of diseases in which damaged cells were not capable of self-regeneration.

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Despite this advancement in medical science, the use of stem cells from human embryos has brought about fierce ethical and religious debates. The primary argument by the opponents of stem cell therapy is that a fertilized embryo is considered as a living being. So, harvesting them for medicinal use or treatment results in the determination of the embryo. This is ethically considered as one life being sacrificed for the other. Some religious people vehemently stand against the use of stem cells for research or treatment.

However, proponents of stem cell therapy defend their positions by saying that researches are carried on embryos, which were never expected to be developed into humans. They claim some couples who come for artificial insemination usually leave many fertilized embryos in the laboratories. Therefore, only those unused fertilized embryos are harvested for medical research.

Alternative Cells from Plants

The most natural alternative stem cells from human embryos are plant stem cells. Plant stemcell is the single cell, otherwise known as mother cell, that can produce new cells to replace dead cells, repair damaged cells and reactivate weak cells. The production of cells helps us to regain our health. These plant stem cells will go through our nerves, travel to the brain, and provide a signal where they need to repair, reactivate or regenerate the cells.

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With plant stem cells, over 200 sicknesses can be treated, such as Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Cancers, Kidney failure, Hepatitis, Prostrate, Diabetes, Infertility, Spinal Cord injury, Hormonal imbalance,  Baldness, Slow Speech, Back pain, Acids, Fibroids, Period pain, Immunity, BP, Parkinson, Migraine, STI, Urinary Tract Infection, Blindness, Arthritis, Wound healing, Learning defects/memory problems, Early ejaculation/low sex drive/low sperm count/Azoospermia, and many more.

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Some of the key benefits of plant stem cell benefits include:

  1. Enhancement of physical stamina and energy levels;
  2. Repairment and regeneration of ailing/weak body cells.
  3. Rejuvenation and activation of body cells to improve vitality;
  4. Regulation of pH level in the body;
  5. Supply of Anti – Oxidant to the body;
  6. Improvement of the body immunity system;
  7. Refining of the skin texture and improves complexion;
  8. Delaying the aging process;
  9. No side effects – safe, natural and organic products;

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