Beginners Guide to Writing eBook

Beginners Guide to Writing eBook

Writing eBooks is considered as one of the foremost popular ways of starting or developing a web business. Why? Because the topic range is unlimited. Plus, it can cost nothing except some time to make it. Minimally, the tools of the trade required are a word processing system, proofreading, grammar and plagiarism checking software (such as Grammarly) and PDF creators for distributing eBooks. That said, it’s not always trouble-free. How does one start if you’ve never written an eBook before now?


Step 1 – Why Are You Writing the eBook?
First, make an inventory of the explanations of why you’re writing the ebook. Do you want to market your business niche, or do you want organic traffic to your website? Then write down the goals in terms of publishing. Maybe you are planning to sell it as a product on your website, or offer it as a gift or bonus eBook for your main product(s) to extend its value? The rock bottom line is, the more you recognize upfront, the more enjoyable the writing is going to be.

Step 2 – Know Your Subject.
Next, and the most vital step is to write on something you understand. This enables you to make the book flowing and enjoyable. These qualities show your readers that you have some insight on the topic. Knowledge of the subject is key to writing an eBook.

Step 3 – Where to begin?
Next, the toughest part of writing is starting. Once you check out the entire project, it looks like an impossible task. You’ve got to break it down into manageable tasks and subtasks. It’s no different from anything in life. Whenever you ‘re faced with a seemingly impossible task, do it in a Step-by-Step fashion.

Step 4 – Get Organized.
The next thing you’ve got to do is to be organized. First, organize your thoughts. There are very crucial steps you need to take before you start. Peruse the list of issues surrounding the topic. Afterward, get prepared to begin writing your ebook.

Step 5 – find out the working title of your eBook.
The title is the focus of the ebook. Spend time thereon, because it is something you ought to keep returning to for inspiration. Always confirm you do not deviate from it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with an eBook where the contents don’t match the title. Jot a couple of different titles, and eventually, you will find that one which will grow on you. Think honestly about it. Ask yourself this question: “will I read it?”

Step 6 – Write an Overview of the ebook.
Next, write out a brief overview. The overview may be a short paragraph (or maybe two) stating exactly what problem you’re addressing and the way your book will solve that problem. Once you have your overview fine-tuned, then you have built the foundation of your ebook. From that time, your eBook will develop, sentence-by-sentence, then page-by-page, and eventually chapter-by-chapter until it’s finished. The overview of the ebook will keep you focused while you write your ebook. Remember, all chapters must support your overview. If there is a chapter that does not fit – delete it.

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Step 7 – Review and Regroup.
Once you’ve got your overview before you begin to write the ebook, confirm if there’s a superb reason why this ebook is necessary. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does the ebook provide useful information and how relevant is it?
  2. How beneficial is the eBook to your readers?
  3. How exciting and enjoyable is your ebook?

You also got to grab the attention of your readers early as soon as they begin reading your ebook. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make your readers feel that you can provide solutions to their problems. In any case, why did they buy the book? Make them feel they made the best decision for buying your book.

Step 8 – Start laying out the structure of the eBook.
Next, write out the chapter headings. You may not find yourself using chapters after all, but it is another way of breaking the work down into manageable steps to tackle one at a time. Breaking the work into smaller tasks (in this case, chapters) will make it easier. Check, is there something missing that you said you would cover?

Writing an eBook is like all other sorts of writing – be it a letter, a user guide, a report, etc. – you want to know who your audience is and write to them specifically. This may dictate things like style, tone, diction, and even the length of your text.

Step 9 – Proofreading, grammar and plagiarism checking.

Commissions and ommissions are part of writing. Sometimes you may skip some words that were on your mind, but you did not write it down. At some other time, you may not be sure of what structure is appropriate for the context of the gist. Also, it is strongly recommended to avoid copyright violations of other people’s intellectual properties (except if you are republishing a free PLR ebook). This is where Grammarly comes to the rescue. 

Grammarly is a globally accepted digital writing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Grammarly offers grammar and spell checking and plagiarism detection services. It has proofreading abilities that keep all aspects of your writing in check, namely suggestions about writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, delivery style and tone.

Click here to start with Grammarly as an affiliate. Once you sign up, your defacto Grammarly account could be upgraded to premium for one month free trial. This is an experience that is worth it as a writer.

Step 10 – Packaging and publishing.

Once you are you through with writing the ebook, you need to package the ebook using PDF editors and other packaging software. You could decide to publish the ebook on your website and on a third-party website – where you receive royalties for each sale made.

If you follow these steps in this article, writing your eBook would be an enjoyable exercise. By adhering to this advice with guarantee your success as an Internet best-seller.  

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