SkyWay Capital is the Best Pre-IPO

SkyWay Capital is the Best Pre-Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO)

The planet earth is being faced with many environmental and ecological challenges. Emissions of greenhouse gases distort our natural ecosystem. Traffic congestion on urban road networks has become increasingly problematic since the 1950s. SkyWay Technologies Company is providing solutions to these problems. SkyWay Technologies Company specializes in High-speed elevated rail transportation; Vacuum glass (thermal insulation); Linear Cities; Bridges, viaducts and overpasses. Therefore, SkyWay Capital Pre Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO) is giving share allotments at 4 cents/share.

SkyWay Capital will soon be listed on the London Stock Exchange.
There are 15 stages before the IPO and listing on LSE (London Stock Exchange). They are currently at stage 14.1. Their websites: SkyWay.Capital,, and Search for more info about SkyWay on YouTube.

SkyWay Capital is the Best Pre IPO

The high-speed Elevated Rail Transport System services passengers at speeds up to 500 km/h on truss string-rail overpasses. Many countries and individuals are embracing these disruptive and revolutionary technologies. SkyWay Technologies is as a result of over 40 years of research led by Doctor Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky, the Founder of SkyWay Group. Yunitsky is an author of more than 150 inventions with over 100 patents worldwide. Skyway Group’s intellectual property is valued at 400 billion U. S. Dollars by authorities and international valuation companies for the period from 1977 to 2013. Consequently, the company started its SkyWay Capital Pre Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO).

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Open access posting of the Company’s financial audit is one of the important elements in its corporate culture, indicating the company’s compliance with the principles of the policy of openness and financial transparency. Therefore, you can find Skyway Technologies audited financial statements on and

To allow interested individuals to invest in this intellectual property, in 2014, Skyway Capital issued 400 billion share allotments for its SkyWay Capital Pre Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO). Over 98% of the share allotments have been purchased. SkyWay Capital is offering share allotments at a very high discount price of about 0.04 dollars (that is about 4 cents) per share allotment. SkyWay Development Stages are divided into 15 stages. With each stage, risks for investors are reduced and the company share allotments are becoming more expensive. Hurry up now.

Become a co-owner of this intellectual property by acquiring a stake and investing during this SkyWay Capital Pre Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO). If you invest now, your equity at IPO is guaranteed 1 Dollar per share. Imagine your equity at post-IPO.

Do not make the mistake of yesterday! If you had bought the shares of Apple at 0.06 dollars per share during the pre-IPO, imagine your equity today at 325 dollars per share! Also, Google and Tesla pre-IPO was 0.001 dollars per share; today, it is 1,439 and 882 dollars per share, respectively. Do not miss this opportunity. Do not Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly!

For more information and consultations on SkyWay Capital Pre Initial Public Offering (Pre-IPO), please call or Whatsapp: +234 803 694 3881. To invest in SkyWay, sign up for a free account using this link:

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